The M24 And Kar98k in PUBGLITE

Faster bullet speed than the Kar98k, but slightly less damage.

An m24 with all attachments including the silencer looks and feels the best. M24 has better accuracy and aim. M24 was supposed to always be better. Give it slightly less damage than AWM not K9. I love K9 too but M24 should always be better. The sound of the m24 suppressed is enough for me to use it over a k9. I ran a m24 only challenge not long ago and ended with a dinner and 14 kills. And stability is much better than K9.

K9 have high damage because you can make your aim better by practice. K9 gives me satisfaction when I hit headshot. I love kar98 sound, look and i have better feeling.

Both guns are good but i use m24 in big maps like (erangle,Miramar ) due to high speed and use k9 in sanhok. I would normally take the M24 because of it's modern design. In the end, it doesn't matter its k9 or m24 if you are aiming on the head.