8 PUBG LITE Tips And Trick You Should Know

Player's Unknown Battleground, as one would know, is one of the most popular and sought-after online multiplayer games both in India and around the globe. PUBG Lite, on the other hand, is a variant of the game. Most aspects of the two games are similar barring a few like the number of maps available, devices it can be played on, and the like. Given below are 8 tips and tricks one can use to better their game and up their ranking in PUBG Lite; 

PUBG LITE Tips And Trick

1) Kills: One's kills plays the role of an important determinant to one's ranking. In order to maximize kill count, players should do a thorough scan of the area they are in, aim for the head to inflict utmost damage, and improve their aim to avoid wasting bullets. 

2) Map: Due to the map being much smaller in this variant, one should strive to reach the corners of the map during the jump to be able to get a better loot and hence have the upper hand.

3) Vehicles: The significance of vehicles in this game is much lesser due to the smallness of the map and subsequent on foot accessibility of all regions. One should try to minimise their vehicular use unless absolutely necessary.

4) Diverse Weapons: One should be accustomed to the various weapons on the game and should avoid picking a favorite to do well even if they couldn't find their chosen weapon.

PUBG LITE Tips And Trick

5) Survival: Another important factor that helps improve ranking alongside a player's kill count is survival time. One should strive to maximize their survival time to see a surge in their rank.

6) Scopes: Player's ought to make use of scopes to increase their chances of landing their aim at the stipulated target. The smallness of the map helps scope out a large chunk of the area which in turn facilitates sniping.

7) Squad: During squad games, the ranking of each player is vastly influenced by the skills and abilities of the other players too. To improve one's ranking, one should choose a squad wisely and avoid risking it by playing with random strangers. 

8) Practice: As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. One should invest their time in the game and play often to improve their game and become higher ranked, better players.