PUBG Mobile Lite New Update Version Zombie Mode Gameplay

PUBG players are eagerly waiting for the PUBG Mobile Lite new version of Zombie Mode. This latest 0.19.0 update game is ready to bring unlimited fun with its Survive Till Dawn Zombie Mode, and the latest vehicles like Autorickshaw and Mirado, and several other new and exciting features.

PUBG Mobile Lite New Update Version Zombie Mode Gameplay

This new version of Survive Till Dawn mode sounds very exciting, and at the same time, it will be very challenging for players. The player has to fight zombies that come out at night, after certain interims, the game gets more intense, and the player might fight against more strong and prevailing Zombies, and these Zombies can be killed only through the best team coordination and perfect strategies.

The PUBG Mobile Lite game developers occasionally make some changes in the game and bring the updated version to gamers just to make the game more interesting and engaging, and the players can improve their gaming skills and get an amazing gaming experience.  The latest version 0.19.0 was made available to players a few days back and brought a new thrill to players with this new Zombie Mode.

Zombie Mode is also known as Survive Till Dawn, which was also very familiar to players, and with some updates, the developers reintroduced the game. 

PUBG Mobile Lite New Update Version Zombie Mode Gameplay

Survive till Dawn is the new addition to the list of various PUBG Mobile Lite game modes for iphone and android.  In this new mode, players fight against Zombies, and also they will match with other gamers. The players will get various items, including badges and ammunition that help them to fight zombies on the battleground.  This new version features some latest items known as the LNM (Liquid Nitrogen Mine) that freezes Zombies when they come out.

It also includes four different types of ammunition features in the game:

  • Bio Ammo – It releases waves
  • Shock Ammo – It emits a shock wave
  • Kinetic Ammo  - It improves your shoots for some period
  • Sound Ammo - It detects all the zombies that are close by and moderates their speed

How to Start the PUBG Mobile Lite Zombie Mode

  1. Update your PUBG game by pressing the link available on the official website.
  2. Once the new version is installed, then log on to your account and go to the lobby.
  3. Select the Survive Till Dawn mode on the mode selection menu located under the Arcade game section
  4. On the main menu press OK and press the Start Button.