PUBG Zombie Mode 2021 Download

PUBG Zombie Mode 2021 Download

The PUBG Mobile Game bought a lot of add-ons to the game. Recently, PUBG mobile publicized the partnership with the Metro Exodus that is Zombie-based for gaming PC and consoles.  Earlier, PUBG detached all the Zombie modes games, but now, in recent time, it introduced Zombie mode that the players can download easily.

PUBG Zombie Mode 2021 Download

PUBG is invaded by Zombies Mode in 2021, and the team of the game is working on the latest Zombie Survival mode in Labs that make you and the team try to endure ten stages of Zombies. In the game, you can earn more weapons and coins when you kill more zombies. 

PUBG Zombie Mode 2021 Download

Each game allows you to play ten stages, and each stage lasts just 3-minutes long.  You can move on to the next stage by slaying every single zombie or by remaining in the game till the time limit.  If only one of your team survives, then also you have chances to win.  Before going into the next state, your team gets a 20-second break after completing the stage.  

The Zombies that you will be dealing with might create issues once a stage begins.  The game gets more intense as you proceed further, as the number of zombies will increase more.  These zombies also get faster, stronger, harder, better, when some special powered zombies show up on the stage to keep you and your team on the edge. 

Zombie mode is one of the significant additions to the 0.19.0 update PUBG mobile game.  The PUBG mobile Lite programmers occasionally release updates to improve the experience of the users and to make the game more interesting to the players.  The 0.19.0 update brought this new game mode to the game lovers to add more engaging elements so that they can look forwards to spend more time playing their favorite game. 

Among players, this mode is popularly known as a Zombie Mode, but it is also called Survive Till Dawn mode. This mode was reintroduced in the game, which was earlier removed from the game.  All that you should know about the PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode is that it is the latest addition that gives a thrill to many players. 

This new Zombie mode has already got very good feedback from players. In this mode, the PUBG players fight against Zombies and other enemies on the battlefield.  The players will be provided with various items like ammunition, bandages, which help them in the battleground.  The new game mode also features the latest add-on known as the LNM (Liquid Nitrogen Mine) that freezes the zombies immediately when they step on it. 

The players get 4-types of ammunition to choose from. That includes:

  • Bio Ammo: It helps to heal the team member occasionally by discharging a wave.
  • Shock Ammo: It releases a shock wave, which helps the player to fight back the enemies. 
  • Kinetic Ammo: It increases the player’s shoots for a particular period and then it gusts to contract with the area damage to the opponents. 
  • Sound Ammo: It helps to build a device for a specific time that helps you find all the zombies and decreases their speed. 

Download PUBG Zombie Mode

  1. Press on the mode change option located on the top-left corner of your screen.
  2. The next step is, select the Arcade tap, and now select the “Survive Till Dawn” game mode and now press the OK button.
  3. Now, when you are ready, click on the Start button.