PUBG Mobile Lite 1.6 Download New update Sept 2021 iOS

 The New PUBG Mobile 1.6 upcoming features and updates details, and the official date of release of the New Flora Menace Mode Payload 2.0 has been announced by Krafton.  The popular PUBG Mobile 1.6 latest update will be loaded with new features, and also new content in the battle royale game. 

PUBG Mobile Lite 1.6

In the new PUBG mobile 1.6, the patch is updated with a new Flora Menace mode, and the new update also includes the return of Vikendi. Several other potential changes had been done to provide the best user experience to players.  The other game modes that have been introduced in Mobile 1.6 include Runic Power, Payload 2.0, Survive Till Dawn, Infection, and more. All these new features give the utmost gaming experience to all the players.

When does PUBG Mobile 1.6 update release?

The release date of the PUBG Mobile 1.6 patch notes is on September 14th, 2021, at 5:00 am UTC. However, it could take a few more hours to release the new update to all the devices.

PUBG Mobile Lite 1.6

Players can choose to play Flora Menace mode in PUBG Mobile1.6 on Erangel. Erangel was attacked by Yarilo, an alien plant. The Yarilo has absorbed unique energy, and quickly took over the main urban areas, and made the Rejuvenation Barrier that produces healing powers. 

Cell-Matrix provides respawns and random weapon drops to players. Cell-Matrix is a big spaceship that brings hope to everyone to escape, and it gets rampant because of the invasion. The player can regain the energy by investigating the Cell Matrix, and they can experience amazing battles using respawns and random weapon drops. The player can store abundant supplies by calling DynaHex Supplies. 

To get the updated rewards, players have to update to the latest version between September 14th and September 19th, to get:

  1. 100 AG
  2. 2,888 BP
  3. The Justice Defender Backpack (3d) x 1

Inveterate maps/modes

The PUBG Mobile game developers have been giving importance to the discussion on different game modes. The team is very happy to share that the game modes that they worked intensely on have been received very well. They also mentioned that they want to bring back the following modes. Follow their official announcements and official social media sites for more information.

  1. Titans: Last Stand
  2. Metro Royale: Reunion – Some parts of Metro Royale will be improved soon
  3. Vikendi
  4. Payload 2.0
  5. VS AI
  6. Survive Till Dawn
  7. Runic Power
  8. Infection Mode

Innovative Social Features

The updated PUBG Mobile game is going to be the most exciting for players as they can enjoy playing the game, as they can show off, meet new friends, and share.  The new social features are developed more suitably for players so that they can meet new friends who like to play PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Lite 1.6

To share your remarkable plays use the latest Highlights feature; go to the settings to enable this feature.  Also, you can share your career results in chats and on outer platforms. 

RR (Region Rankings) will be verified in some regions/countries. 

You can select a famous landmark or area in your country or region.  Players who belong to the same region can play against each other in the Region Rankings as a competition.  You can receive consistent titles and invite players from the same area to form a team, and also, you can chat with other players and observe their statuses. 

Experience Improvements

PUBG Mobiles makers always want all their players to take part in tournaments, become more skillful, and they want the players to share their accomplishments.  The developers of the PUBG Mobile are enthused to enhance the player’s combat experience and provide various rewards and opportunities to all the players who want to play using the latest features. 

Along with the Playoffs to the All-Talent Battle, the teams that reached to semi-finals but did not qualify for the finals will get a chance to participate in the all-talent championship.  To make the players feel better, they also included a Weekly Match ranking to offer more prospects for exposure. 

Cycle-1 Season-2 (9/17-11/18) offers amazing effects, better rewards, and more interesting features than earlier.  The players can get an enhanced display of some effects, and also express performance and simple controls.  Now, the players can have a smoother experience. 

The update is accessible for both iOS and Android devices on their App Stores. The new update will need 1.68 GB of free storage space for iOS, and 690 MB of storage space for Android devices.