Available on iOS and Android on November 11th, PUBG: NEW STATE - PUBG Lite Download

Available on iOS and Android on November 11th, PUBG: NEW STATE



Publisher Krafton has announced that PUBG: New State, a free-to-play mobile game, will be available on iOS and Android devices on November 11. Several new elements, such as weapon customization and in-game drones, will be introduced in the game due to its setting in the year 2051, in addition to the traditional PUBG gameplay. New State will be launched in more than 200 countries and will be available in 17 different languages at the time of its release date.


The release of PUBG's New State marks a key milestone for the series, which, upon its debut in 2017, was instrumental in popularizing the battle royale genre. PUBG Studios' New State was released in 2018 and is not the first mobile game developed by the studio.

In the words of PUBG Studios, New State will launch with "strong anti-cheat" capabilities, and the business pledges that it will actively monitor the community to identify and resolve issues before they propagate throughout the community. According to Motherboard, one cheat-making company gained more than $70 million this year by selling cheats for the popular game PUBG Mobile. Cheats have been a huge source of contention for the games in the past. In contrast, PUBG is by no means the only game to be plagued by the problems described above. Activision and Valve, two companies that produce video games and computer technology, have recently been in the headlines for their efforts to keep their products cheat-free and fair.


It should come as no surprise that the primary focus of PUBG New State is competitive multiplayer. Depending on how many people are on the map, either a team or an individual can take first place. According to PUBG Studios, four playable maps will be available at launch, including the renowned Erangel map from the franchise's first instalment.

According to a January article published by Bloomberg, the company Krafton does not intend to release another PUBG-related smartphone game until next year.

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