PUBG Mobile Lite vs. Free Fire MAX Comparison In 2021


Are you one among the many players who want to know which game is better for simple Android devices? Is PUBG Mobile Lite or Free Fire MAX is the better option?

Free fire is very popular and imprinted its name in the gaming community as well-known battle royale games. The creators thought to expand the gaming options and recently they launched Free Fire Max, an advanced version of the creative game. 

The everlasting combat to take the battle royale market is severe between the Free Fire and PUBG Mobile franchises.  Players have often contented PUBG Mobile Lite version contrary to Free Fire to consider which title gives the best gaming experience. 

Users are more eager to know whether the new Free Fire Max is better than PUBG Mobile Lite for low-end Android devices. 

Evaluating both PUBG Mobile Lite vs. Free Fire MAX

To find whether PUBG Mobile Lite is better than Fire MAX for simple mobile devices, the requirements of their system should be compared. 

The new release Free Fire MAX needs Android version 4.1 and a minimum of 2 GB RAM, and above. The upgrade versions over Free Fire and take the disk space up to 1.5 GB.

When it comes to PUBG Mobile Lite, it needs a minimum of 1 GB RAM and works on 4.0.3 and above Android versions. The PUBG is a Lite version therefore it occupies disk space of up to 600 MB. 

When it comes to gameplay, both these games offer the same gaming gra4phics production. The new release Free Fire MAX provides an HD gaming version along with the best and the most realistic experience. It is certainly a significant improvement from Free Fire. 

PUBG Mobile Lite offers the same HD gaming output along with UE 4 (Unreal Engine), improves the gameplay with prudent HD outputs. 


As per the graphical output and system requirements, PUBG Mobile Lite is certainly the best option when it comes to approving low-end Android devices.