PUBG Vikendi Coming Soon in Update 21.2.

 Haven’t been able to play Vikendi solo FPP in EU vs real players in two weeks due to the split queues! 

Hope queues gets merged during patch 21.2 🤞

Looks interesting though; looking forward to learn how it’s going to play out! Majority of people want to enjoy Vikendi more with the new features!

Its the same in squad fpp on console wacky, pubg seems more interested in gimicks like xmas lights on buildings and idiot costumes than getting lobbies full quicker with actual players.

That’s gonna be as intense as Smoking everything in endgame and hoping to be the first one to see or hear other players BUT on a bigger area and during normal zones. That feature will imo be as useless as red zones (which btw nobody likes).

Let’s hope these queue times get better with the patch because I feel like fpp is just slow on both ps4 and pc, so what’s the deal?

PUBG Vikendi Coming Soon